The MOGA Pro is an Android bluetooth game controller that really looks like a true game controller, similar to what you have with Microsofts's XBox. It works with Android phones running Android OS version 2.3 or later. It ships with a tablet stand, USB charger and the MOGA Pivot App.

It features dual analog sticks, a d-pad, 4 buttons on face and dual left-right triggers. Additionally, the 4 face buttons are illumiated. The rechargable battery has a long life and the controller itself feels solid.

The MOGA Pro comes with an app called Pivot App. This app can act like a dashboard for MOGA Pro compatible games. It allows you to browse MOGA ready games and purchase them.

Of course, emulators also play really well with this controller.

The MOGA Pro also has a universal phone holder that can flip up to hold your Android device.

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