The Nyko Playpad Pro is a sleek bluetooth wireless game controller built for gaming on Android devices (3.0 or higher).

It features dual analog sticks, a d-pad, 4 buttons on face and dual left-right triggers. The Playpad face also includes a battery indicator for its built in rechargable battery. The battery is advertised to last up to 25 hours on a single charge.

This Android controller works out of the box with a number of games (ex. Shadowgun). No rooting of your Android device is required. It features optimized NVIDIA HID support for Tegra3 based games and devices. It also includes support for other games through various keyboard and mouse mappings. Nyko includes a free app called Nyko Playground that lets you manage mappings and create customized schemes for a game. The Playground app also includes a number of pre-set schemes for some popular games.

Of course, emulators also play well with this controller.

The Nyko Playpad is also compatible with iOS and is capable of playing any title that supports the popular iCade protocol.

For a list of games that the Nyko Playpad supports, see the Nyko Playgound website here.

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