The Ipega is another great bluetooth Android controller. Ipega has a number of Android controllers, but their wireless bluetooth controller garners the best reviews. Similar to some other popular Android controllers, it features a clip that can hold your Android phone in place while you kick some A on your favorite controller supported platformer, turning your Android phone into a full featured gaming platform.

The Ipega supports a number of games on Android, although like with most other Android controllers, will have limited success with the most popular games. Where this, and other Android controllers really shine is with the emulators and helping you play some of your favorite arcade games that really require a game controller.

The Ipega works with Android 3.2 and aboe as well as iOS 4.3 and above through Bluetoothi 3.0. It is black and has a reported 20 hour (of uninterupted gameplay) battery life.(of uninterupted gameplay)..(of uninterupted gameplay). The Ipega Android controller has the standard 4 A,B,X,Y front buttons with a standard multi axis joystick. It also has dual analog sticks as well as a Select and Start buttons. The usb port on the bottom of the well built housing is for charging the controller.

Overall, the Ipega Android Controller gets some pretty great reviews on sites such as Amazon. See what others are saying about the Ipega Bluetooth Android Controller.

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