Top Arcade Fighters for Emulators on Android

Top Arcade Fighters for Emulators on Android

When it comes to emulators, there are certain games that you can play without a physical controller, but for most games, even simple platformers, it is just not possible. An Android game controller is absolutely needed. This is particularly true when it comes to the 90's arcade phenomenon, Street Fighter. Yes, Street Fighter was an amazing game and one of the first games to require half a dozen buttons. Playing such a game with the typical virtual controller found in most Android emulators is maddeningly frustrating. And of course, Street Fighter may have popularized the arcade fighter genre but it certainly isn't the only fighter out there. No sir. There are plenty of Arcade fighters available across the emulators and plenty of these are amazing fighters.

So, if you're looking for some good arcade fighter action to try out with your brand spanking new Android Controller, here is a list of the Top 10 (IMO) that you need to play.

Street Fighter III New Generation

Pretty much any of the games in the Street Fighter series are worthy of your Android Controller. There are definitely some classics in the series, but Street Fighter 3 is probably a good choice, if you can get it to work with an arcade emulator (Final Burn Alpha?) on your Android device. It was super popular in the arcades and really took the Street Fighter series (and all arcade fighters, for that matter) to a new level. The combos, the fancy controller work, the increased number of playable characters and special abilities, the great graphics, the fireballs - it's all there. But SFIII added new more elaborate graphics as well as additional moves to the SFII series.

Samurai Shodown V

NeoGeo had a lot going for it. SNK knocked that one out of the park in comparison to Genesis and SNES which were also out at the time. Samurai Shodown is just one of the great fighters that were available for NeoGeo. It was also, at the time, fairly unique. It picked a niche (Samurai) and really honed in on it. Samurai Shodown V Samurai Sprits Zero came out in 2003 for Arcade, from SNK Playmore and was (is) an amazing game.

King of Fighters 97

Another SNK NeoGeo masterpiece was the King of Fighters series. It may also be the series with the most number of successive games. Initially being released yearly by SNK, then continuing to release follow-ups by SNK Playmore, KoF has seen nearly 25 versions. KoF 97 was release in, surprise, 1997 and was the last game in the first series (not including 98 which was more of a 97 special edition). KoF features characters from other SNK originals such as Art of Fighting and Fatal Fury, as well as other original characters.

Mortal Kombat III

Back when Mortak Kombat came out, it went on a tangent compared to other fighters of the day. It featured digitized 2D photos of actors for sprites instead of the common hand drawn counterparts found in games like Street Fighter. The game also introduced the infamous fatality or finishing move which at the time was pretty gory for a game. The finishing moves were so gory and violent, in fact, that the game caused some major video game controversy in the 90s. The violence of Mortal Kombat may single handedly be responsible for the ESRB ratings system put in place in 1994.

Mortal Kombat III was the last version to use the 2D digitized sprites and MK4 started using the 3D models and mo-cap animation.

This is definitely a game to pick up for an emulator, and play with your Android Controller, if possible.

Breakers Revenge

This is a lesser known fighter, but awesome all the same due to some seriously great and solid gameplay. Visco released the original Breakers in 1996 for NeoGeo. Breakers Revenge came later with further gameplay improvements. It has the same sort of super moves of other fighters.

Despite its obscurity, this is definitely a great fighter and shouldn't be overlooked. It has a simplicity and balance that other fighters tend not to have.

Darkstalkers 3

This is the 3rd fighter game in the stylish Capcom Darkstalkers series, titled "Vampire Savior: The Lord of the Vampire" in Japan. Darkstalkers is perhaps more known than Breakers, but it's still relegated to the back of the arcade, compared with Street Fighter and other popular fighters. Like its predecesors, Darkstalkers 3 has supremely well thought out and original artwork that manages quite well to portray ghoulish, eerie environments.

This Darkstalkers game features a larger cast of demonic creatures than the previous incarnations. It also has some improved gameplay, introducing a damage guage and dark force system. Overall, with the fantastic artwork, animation and tight gameplay, Darkstalkers 3 is a great fighter.

It came out for Arcades in 1997, then the Playstation and Sega Saturn, in one form or another. Should play on MAME on your Android device.

Last Blade 2

Another SNK Neo Geo samurai beauty (there were a lot of these). Last Blade 2 is the successor to Last Blade and is every way as stunning to look at. The Last Blade games are incredible, really, considering the NeoGeo hardware. Even by today's standards, these remain visual masterpieces (despite coming out 15 years ago in 1998).

Definitely worth your time to find, download and play with your Android device and trusty Android Controller.

Marvel Super Heroes

What do you get when you ask one of the greatest arcade gaming companies of all time to build a fighter and use Marvel characters? Well, an amazing 1995 game that swallowed millions of quarters world wide. I can still remember the first time I saw this one at the local arcade. I just stood there and stared in absolute amazement. For a 17 year old comic book fan at that time, this game was pure gold.

I highly suggest you find this one and put your Android device and new Android controller to good use.

Garou: Mark of the Wolves

One of the best looking games that SNK ever created. Like the others in this list, pure style and polish in this game. This came out for Arcade, NeoGeo, Dreamcast, PS2 and in 2009 on XBox 360.